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Urban Behavioral Ecology and Education Research

at the University of New Hampshire

Hi! I am Karina Sanchez!

About me

I am a first-generation college student and a proud Latina in STEM! I am currently a Postdoctoral Scholar  at the University of New Hampshire.  My research interests fall within two domains: 1) using research questions to understand wildlife behavioral responses to urbanization and 2) biological education  research to create inclusive higher education ecosystems. Combined, I plan to continue to use my urban ecological research as leverage to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in biology by providing paid opportunities for students to learn the foundations of ecological research and measure the outcomes of these experiences.  Check out my research page for more information on my recent work!  


Karina Sanchez, PhD
Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholar 

Research Areas

Into_Pre-Trill Photo 22SBH5 2.png

Avian Behavior and Communication


Urban Ecology


Biological and Ecological  Education 

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