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In-Person Nest Monitoring

With your permission, we will monitor the nest throughout the season. Once the nestlings have hatched,  we will attach identifying bands to each of them in hopes of seeing them in the future! This is by far the most fun part of the job! If you would like to participate click the button below and report a nest in your yard!

KS08_2019 (9).JPG
In-Person Monitoring

Thanks to all the volunteers (only some are shown here) from the 2019 Field Season! 


Self Monitoring of Nests

You are welcome to monitor a nest near your home by downloading and completing the nest data sheet below. Once your nest has reached the "old nestlings" stage, we can arrange a date to safely visit and process the nestlings by taking some morphological measures and applying metal USGS bands in hopes of seeing them in the future! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for general guidelines for nest monitoring!

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