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Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

I am an advocate for providing meaningful undergraduate research experiences for students. Students on my team investigate a variety of topics both in the field and in the lab.

As a first generation student and a Latina, I strive to have a diverse research team and provide support for students of all background.


​During my time as a PhD student I have had the pleasure of mentoring nine undergraduate students and it has been a blast! To the right are some of these incredible students.

Undergraduate Reearch

Women in Graduate STEM (WIGS!) 

Women in Graduate STEM

Women In Graduate STEM (WIGS) is a social group for women to meet women in STEM fields at the University of Northern Colorado. As WIGS president, I have enjoyed organizing events for the group and raising money to donate to local organizations

UNCO Museum

University of Northern Colorado Natural History Museum & Outreach 

The University of Northern Colorado's natural history museum hold an incredible variety of specimen for research and teaching. As a teaching collection, we have specimen that are used for outreach to the public through table information sessions and open houses. We have also collaborated with local organizations to develop activities for science summer camps.

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